If you would like to get involved with the MBTF at the board level, please become a member of the Foundation. You are then entitled to attend the AGM, held in October each year and nominate for a board position. An assessment of your skills and the needs of the MBTF will be conducted prior to the AGM. The anticipated monthly commitment for most board positions is around twenty hours, which are voluntary. Please submit an expression of interest here.

Chair - Peter Versluis

At the end of the three-week inaugural end-to-end ‘ Munda Biddi Epic’ in 2013, I formed the view that the Trail was an under-appreciated and under-utilised asset. I nominated for a spot on the Foundation’s board, as I was keen to play a part in correcting this.

I'm the Chair of the MBTF, my main contribution is to guide the process of strategy development and implementation. I try to keep the organisation focused on its core objectives of supporting Trail-maintenance volunteers; promoting the Trail to riders; and servicing Foundation members. I also focus on ensuring the Foundation remains connected and relevant to our external stakeholders including government agencies and cycling organisations.

Away from the Foundation, I find myself wearing quite a few hats over the course of a week: I’m a partner in a national business advisory firm; I run an event management company and I’m working my way through a Masters of Teaching.

In my opinion, the best parts of the Trail are between Walpole and Pemberton, I just don’t seem to be able to get down there to ride as often as I’d like!

Vice-Chair - Preeti Castle

I joined the MBTF Board in late 2018 and bring expertise in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, marketing, brand and business development.

Although not a seasoned rider, I have a keen interest in the environment and spend much of my leisure time walking our bush and parkland trails. My involvement with MBTF provides an opportunity to contribute specialist skills, such as leading the recent strategic review.

I have worked extensively across the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, as well as with government and in consulting, where I have helped to establish, reposition and grow organisations. I currently work in the environment sector with a focus on stakeholder engagement.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, an M.B.A. from The University of Western Australia, and am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Secretary - Anton Beets

The Munda Biddi Trail is an amazing West Australian asset. On a personal level it represents the combination of my passion for biking, the outdoors and spending time with my family. It's incredible that we have this fantastic 1000km long maintained trail on our doorstep, all for free. Nowhere else in the world provides a maintained trail with facilities that covers such a diversity of environments.

I have ridden the trail for many years and appreciated all the maintenance and hard work that went on, in the background. When the opportunity arose for me to put my “pen pushing” skills to use at the board level, I jumped at it. I try to keep the Board organised for Board meetings and also chip in with some of the administrative tasks.

I work in the utilities industry doing Governance, Risk and Compliance work. I have a Law Degree and a post-graduate diploma in legal practice, and spend my time establishing and maintaining compliance systems. Hopefully my experience in governance systems will aid the Foundation as it enters a new era.

I would like the Munda Biddi to get the recognition it deserves as one of the great trails. It would be nice to augment the Munda Biddi Trail with more singletrack and to support the Munda Biddi community to become stronger and more diverse.

Treasurer - Rachelle Spyker

I discovered the Munda Biddi Trail, and the foundation, in 2016 and wanted to get involved. I saw it as a great opportunity to utilise some of the skills I’d developed as a member of my daughter’s school P&C. I also thought it might give me the much-needed motivation to get on a bike, lift my fitness and spend some quality time with my family.

I’m the Foundation's Treasurer, my main contribution is to provide financial oversight and guidance, as well as managing the day-to-day finances and making sure that bills get paid. I also provide a 'non-riders' perspective to the board’s deliberations (the bike-riding motivation hasn't quite taken hold as of yet.)

I am a CPA-qualified accountant and partner and part owner of an accounting firm. We provide taxation and accounting services for small to medium sized businesses. I am also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a graduate from their Company Directors course.

I became hooked on the Munda Biddi after riding a section between Denmark and Albany, which was about as far as my previous bike, a Malvern Star, could go! I've now got a new bike and participated in the Jarrahdale Try the Trail ride in March - the section to the Balmoral POW camp along the old rail formation was stunning, and I can't wait to get out there again after tax time.

Board Member - Alex Campbell

My volunteering with the foundation began in 2013, when I was looking after the trail around the Yirra Karta campsite. I was aware of the importance of the volunteer base that ensures the 1060km trail would remain free and world class, for the years to come. I joined the board in 2016 and am also the Area Two Leader.

If you have ever read the diary entries in one of the campsite log books, you soon realise how important and appreciated the Trail and facilities are. Riders come from all over Australia and overseas to enjoy the challenge that this long ride offers.

On a personal note, it is an absolute joy to get on my mountain bike and out for a ride on the Munda Biddi, or closer to home at Pile Road in Ferguson. Happy riding!

Board Member - Neil Brodie

As well as being a keen cyclist, I have a strong interest in Not-For-Profit volunteering. I have served on numerous boards since 2009 including various mountain biking government steering committees and advisory groups.

As a Chartered Management Accountant, Graduate of the Institute of Company Directors and with an MBA from Curtin Graduate Business School (where I was top graduating student), I bring over 25 years of finance, governance and management/leadership experience to the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation board.

My volunteering with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation began in 2011 with trail maintenance before becoming Area Leader between Perth and Dwellingup. I have also acted as a ride guide, most notably leading the 2014 end-to-end Epic ride, then coordinating the 2015 edition. I joined the board in 2013 and have served as Treasurer, Vice Chair and now as an Ordinary Board Member.