The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation relies heavily on the support of volunteers to ensure the management, operation, upkeep and maintenance of our world-class trail.

There are six main tasks that are carried out by volunteers for the Foundation,

  1. Regular trail inspections and maintenance: Quarterly trail inspections and maintenance are the lifeblood of the Munda Biddi Trail. Whilst the Munda Biddi trail experience is by definition adventurous, riders don’t want to lift their bikes over multiple large fallen trees or deal with illegal dumping or vandalism of the directional signs or the huts. Trail Maintenance volunteers are our eyes on the Trail.
  2. Targeted trail maintenance by Rover Task Force: the MBTF is working towards having a team of approximately 30 Rover Task Force volunteers on call, who can join us for up to five days to travel to, and work on, a previously identified section in need of maintenance.
  3. Trail counter reading: In early 2018 thirteen trail counters were positioned along the length of the Munda Biddi Trail. Trail counters need to be read and reset at the beginning of every month to provide an accurate measurement of patronage. The readings are then forwarded to DBCA and the Foundation for analysis.
  4. Office and administrative support: If you live close to Perth, the MBTF is always on the lookout for volunteers that can spend a day per week in our West Leederville office. It is imperative that you are computer literate.
  5. Event management and participation: The MBTF holds a range of Trail-and-workshop-based events, approximately quarterly, throughout the year. The Foundation is always looking for volunteers to lend a hand.
  6. Board membership: The MBTF Board comprises six elected members and one member nominated by the Director General of the DBCA. Board members act on a voluntary basis, attending one meeting per month, as well as contributing approximately eight hours per month for Foundation‐related activities outside of meetings.

Please sign up as a Member and select 'Volunteer' to express your interest in volunteering and helping the Foundation to deliver a sustainable world-class nature-based off-road cycling experience. Your commitment to the Trail is enormously valued; the Munda Biddi Trail would not exist if not for volunteers. We hope your experience with the Foundation is a rewarding one - you’ll learn new skills and appreciate the stunning natural environment of South Western WA in a new light. At the same time, you’ll become an integral part of the Munda Biddi community and assist towards leaving a better Trail for future riders to enjoy.