Can I cycle the Trail alone?

We certainly don't encourage it because riding solo can leave you vulnerable if you have an accident or breakdown. It could be hours or even days before you see other cyclists on parts of the Trail and if you have a broken bone or smashed bike...or worse... you won't be able to reach safety by yourself. Remember, you can't count on your mobile phone to work in the bush. A lone cyclist who is ill or injured should STAY ON THE TRAIL even if it means spending an unplanned night in the forest. Camp close to the Trail so you can be easily found. The Parks and Wildlife Service does not monitor individual's progress (this is the responsibility of each cyclist's personal back-up). However, it is useful to contact the Parks and Wildlife Service District Office that you are cycling near for the latest information on the trail conditions (eg. recent fires, water in tanks etc.) before you start your journey.

Note: The Police are the agency responsible for search and rescue in Western Australia. They will usually involve the Parks and Wildlife Service in searches on the trail. Your safety is our concern, but it is YOUR responsibility!