GPS and Mobile Phones

Is a GPS worth the money?

Although GPS devices can be useful whilst on the Trail, the actual Munda Biddi Trail will not be able to be accessed on these devices, so it’s best to take a map along instead of relying solely on your GPS software. A GPS can be useful to find main roads and nearby towns but be aware that sometimes maps are not always up-to-date and can be misleading. Many people have made the mistake when traveling on relying on electronic GPS devices and, as a result, have ended up stranded due to old software, inadequate signal or battery failure – so make sure that you are prepared!


Do mobile phones work out on the Trail?

Increasingly the signal range is getting better. However, even 4G phones have limited reception on the Trail, usually either near towns or on some hill tops. Telstra has the best coverage over the entire length of the Trail. Optus is fair and most others are very poor. Mobile phones should never be used as the primary means of emergency contact. We recommend people carry a PLB (Personal Locating Beacon) or similar on longer rides, particularly if they are cycling on their own.