Hiking and other Trail use

Can I hike, ride a motorcycle or horse on the Trail?

You are permitted to walk the Munda Biddi Trail if you wish, just keep in mind that it is a cycle trail designed specifically for the use of bicycles and bicycle riders, so be sure to take care if you choose to walk. Please keep to the left, be sure to keep an eye out for bicycles on the trail and move to a safe distance off the Trail if necessary to avoid collisions; remember it is likely they are travelling at a much faster pace!

Due to the huts being spaced at a distance designed to suit a day’s ride, it may be a too far to walk from hut to hut to camp; so keep that in mind if you are planning multi-day walks. For trails more suited to walking, visit Trail Talk, Western Australia’s premier trails social network, part of Top Trails WA.

Under the Conservation and Land Management Act, motorcycles are defined as vehicles and therefore are only allowed to use existing gazetted public roads. The Munda Biddi Trail uses many single trail sections of un-gazetted private trails which are closed to vehicles, and the use of motorcycles is illegal. Much of the remaining Munda Biddi Trail is unsuitable to motorcycle use due to the surface of the track. Motorcycles are hazardous to cyclists and hikers due to their speed on narrow sections of the Trail with poor sightlines, and they cause damage to the trail tread.

The majority of the Munda Biddi Trail is closed to equestrian riders, including in most national parks and other reserves. Horses are not permitted on any section of purpose built trail (single track sections). There is an 8 km section of dual use trail between Elleker and Torbay called the Torbay Rail Trail. This section, which is now part of the Munda Biddi Trail has been developed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife in conjunction with the Torbay Catchment Group and is suitable for equestrian riders, walkers and cyclists. Information on horse friendly trails in WA can be found on the Top Trails WA website.

Can I take my dog on the Trail?

No. Dogs are not permitted in drinking water catchment areas, national and conservation parks or nature reserves whether on or off the lead. A good portion of the Trail falls into these categories. Many areas along the Trail are periodically baited with 1080 bait that, if taken by a dog, would be fatal.