How much water?

How much water do I need to take per day?

You will lose a lot of water as you cycle, so don't underestimate the amount of water you need. To avoid dehydration, you should aim to drink at least one 750ml bottle every couple of hours, and even more in the summer months. Attach two water-bottle cages on your bike if possible. Hydropacks are a convenient way to carry water and make it easy to drink while riding. Remember to keep drinking after the day's ride to replenish lost fluids. Adding some cordial, fruit juice or sports drink can help replenish sugar levels and body salts. Located at each campsite are rainwater tanks, the purity of this water cannot be guaranteed so always treat the water first. Purifying options include boiling, filtration and using purification tablets.

Do I need to sterilise the water from the water tanks?

Yes. The purity of water from any source cannot be guaranteed. Cyclists are responsible for treating their own drinking water. Options include boiling, mechanical filtration and using purification tablets. We recommend treating water with chemical sterilisers or with a UV light such as a Steripen. You can contact our equipment sponsors for other suggestions.