Do I need a Map?

Absolutely! While the Trail is well marked, the Foundation and DBCA recommends carrying the Trail maps that can be purchased here. Riding the Trail relying solely on the trail markers may lead to misadventure. There are 7 maps that cover the Trail. 

Why not try the NEW TRAIL APP - recently the Foundation has teamed up with Find the Fun App Developers who have created a fantastic way-finding and trail planning resource. Don't leave home without it! Refer to the Trail App page for more details.

All money raised by the sale of Maps and the Apps is used to upkeep of the Munda Biddi Trail and support the services of the Foundation.

The terrain profile on the map is useful to see the overall topography of the Trail route. The terrain profile also indicates the difficulty level of the Trail. Challenging sections contain some steep hills while the easy sections have mainly gentle grades.