The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (MBTF) is super excited to announce the launch of a new membership program for the Munda Biddi Trail riding community.

The MBTF membership program is extremely important for the longevity of the Foundation. We are largely reliant on local grants and funding each year to sustain our organisation and so the Foundation must look to diversify its income streams away from one-off grants. Each and every paid member that chooses to sign up will do so knowing that they are directly contributing to the sustainability of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation and thus directly contributing to the improvement of the Trail experience, on and off the bike.

Paid members will receive a range of exclusive benefits, access to exciting and engaging members-only content and be eligible to take part in the Munda Biddi 'Super Hamper' each month. These awesome benefits are outlined below in more detail along with the member pricing and categories.


The Munda Biddi is free, but paid membership assists the MBTF to maintain, promote and provide information about the the Foundation that supports the Trail

6 products found in Purchase a Membership

MBTF Membership - Individual
  • $70.00
MBTF Membership - Concession
  • $55.00
MBTF Membership - Junior
  • $20.00
MBTF Membership - Family
  • $120.00
MBTF Membership - Free
  • $0.00
MBTF Membership - Affiliate Business/Organisation
  • $225.00