Volunteer with us..

The Munda Biddi Trail would not exist without volunteers willing to donate their time and energy to maintain and improve the trail experience for all riders. It’s thanks to these people that we can achieve our goals and grow a stronger trail community.

There are many ways to give back to the trail, and it's not all trail work

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Our promise to you:

  • We offer a range of opportunities that contribute directly to the Trail.
  • Once registered with DBCA, you'll receive insurance coverage for activities.
  • Our staff will guide and support you, providing a clear position description.
  • We provide you with a volunteer training handbook.
  • We welcome all ages, skills and backgrounds.
  • Introduce you to other friendly, passionate trail riders.
  • Provide a variety of work tasks and experiences (see below).
  • You will receive necessary training and safety inductions, as well as opportunities to network, and acquire hands-on skills.

Fill out this form to express your interest in volunteering. The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation relies on the support of volunteers to maintain the iconic trail, the Trail, and Foundation, would not flourish without passionate and engaged volunteers.  

There are six main tasks that are carried out by volunteers for the Foundation