Reporting a Trail Problem


Riders on the trail can support the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (MBTF) by bringing problems or issues to our attention. This trail problem reporting process is for collecting details of trail problems that any rider on the Munda Biddi may come across, such as missing signage, broken infrastructure, severe erosion, fallen trees, illegal motorbikes, or rubbish dumping. The majority of trail maintenance and clearing is undertaken by volunteers, with support from the district offices of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions.

To report a problem on the Trail please send an email to


 In your email, please include:

  1. A photo of the issue, please ensure the issue is clearly identified in your photo and where possible, take the photo in portrait mode with your phone. Use landscape for anything that is too large to capture in portrait. 
  2. Location of issue - Where possible use a screenshot of your location on the Munda Biddi App, Google, Emergency Plus or What 3 Words apps - these are the easiest methods for our staff and DBCA staff to determine location of the issue. If you cannot do this, please name as best as you can the nearby landmarks of the issue, e.g - Approx 500m south of Karta Burnu Campsite or, Approx 2km heading North along the Trail between Brookton Highway and Albany Highway.
  3. Description of the issue and how it is affecting riders or the Trail.


Thank you for your assistance, happy riding!