Giving Back to the Trail

We rely on the generosity of all trail users to help us fulfill our mission of supporting and maintaining the Munda Biddi Trail.

We are really lucky here in Western Australia to have trails like the Munda Biddi available to use for free; nevertheless, maintaining them isn't. By generously 'Giving Back' to the Trail through gifts and donations, you'll help the Foundation to conserve and maintain this world-class off-road cycling trail for future generations to enjoy.

Ways to Give Back?

  • Leave a Gift for the Foundation at the Biddi Shop shopping cart.
  • Donating to the National Trust Appeal (WA) for key trail conservation projects. 
    This a tax deductible donation.

Every gift or donation helps the Foundation support its volunteers to maintain and improve the Trail (including facilities) and conserve the natural environment through which it passes.

Your contributions goes towards projects like these:

  • Installing and repairing bridges to protect waterways.
  • Funding volunteer tools and travel and attend to the Trail.
  • Manage drainage to stabilise the Trail surface, where required.
  • Clear overgrown trail vegetation to avoid trail creep.
  • Install toilets to environmentally friendly septic tank systems.
  • Maintain the shelters and repair campsite facilities.

Most of this work is carried out by the Foundation's trail maintenance corp - sectional volunteers and community groups with the support of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife Service).