While the MBTF and DBCA recognise the need for these route data files, the MBTF recommends that Trail users combine the Munda Biddi maps and the Trail App as the primary source of navigation and planning.

The DBCA Long Trail GPX and KMZ files are downloadable here. These can be loaded onto GPS, or similar devices.

Please read the following advice prior to downloading these files!


There are ongoing works to improve the Munda Biddi, including minor and major realignments, which may take time to be reflected on the official paper maps and in the files. DBCA’s GPX and KML files are not updated with temporary diversions.

Do not rely entirely on digital forms of navigation. Failure of these technologies may result in misadventure. We recommend the combine use of both the Trail maps and the Trail App together. 

  • Do not rely on GPX files and Trail markers as your primary source of navigation. 
  • Always understand and test the device and/or program you are using. Before you ride the Munda Biddi, do a trial ride using these navigation, tools so you don't have to learn how to use the map, app of GMX/KML files when it really matters!
  • Phones and other electronic devices need to be charged regularly and some apps draw down the battery quickly whilst being used, or active in the background.
  • DBCA and MBTF can't verify the accuracy of third party data resources. 
  • You will not always have mobile reception along the Trail, which will be a problem if the program you are using needs reception to access navigating functionality.

    Prior to starting your ride

    Get in the habit of checking the following websites to ensure you can access the most up-to-date information when you are riding the Munda Biddi. These sites are updated regularly by different levels of Government and are free of charge. We recommend that when you are on the Trail you periodically check these sites for the latest information.

    1. Parks & Wildlife Park Alerts for trail closures, diversions, and permanent realignments
    2. DBCA safety information
    3. Emergency WA for bushfires, storms, heatwaves, and other issues that may impact the Munda Biddi Trail.
    4. Bureau of Meteorology
    5. The official route is regularly diverted for a variety of reasons, including construction, trail damage, flooding, forestry operations, bushfires etc.. These diversions are communicated on the ground by the Munda Biddi trail markers and temporary signs with detailed maps posted at the location. Diversions are also posted via Park Alerts, although there can be some lag between conditions on the ground and the website.
    1. Consider multiple sources of information when you suspect you've taken a wrong turn, feel lost and need to make a navigation decision. As a rule, trust and follow the trail markers, as they are the most up-to-date navigation tool.
    2. Have a backup plan for navigation when relying on technology. Remember that you will often be out of mobile phone reception along the trail and batteries do and can go flat!
    3. Carry the official paper maps, and regularly plot your position on the map.
    4. Sign into the logbooks at the Munda Biddi campsites.
    5. Most importantly, plan ahead and share itinerary information with family or friends prior to departure.