The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation has teamed up with local app developers Find the Fun to promote their awesome app developed for the Trail.

MBTF staff, board members and volunteers have tested the app extensively in the field and give it a five star rating… which aligns with what users are saying about the app on Apple’s app store and Google Play

The Munda Biddi Trail App is an incredibly handy tool for navigating the Munda Biddi. No internet connection is required to access the app, and there won’t be any roaming or data charges causing you a nasty bill shock post ride! 

Locate yourself on route with a handy map with distance information. Plan your ride with the interactive elevation graph....if you dare! The App also has extensive information about all things Munda Biddi including towns, accommodation, preparation, points of interest, transport, training, food and first aid

Keep in mind that the app is just one of a number of information sources that you may consult whilst riding the Trail. DBCA’s official Munda Biddi route is communicated in 3 ways, with the trail markers being the most frequently updated:

  1. Munda Biddi Trail markers 

  2. DBCA Long Trail digital route

  3. Official MBTF Paper Maps

    The Munda Biddi Trail App* -  the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation recommends this App for the following reasons;

    • The App works well in areas of poor or no coverage.

    • The user's location is shown on the app’s map when you press locate.

    • You can zoom in on the map and see more detail, which is useful if you need to navigate to a main road or safe location, in case of injury, or fire.

    • The App shows a user’s distance from places, and there is a handy elevation profile. Both features can help to simplify decision making.

    • The App is regularly updated.

    Screenshot of the elevation feature on the Munda Biddi Trail App

    Screenshot of the elevation feature on the Munda Biddi Trail App (above)

    Screenshot of some of the key features of the app. Distance to markers, trail section details, hut details, transport service information, interactive map, app found on the Apple Store (above).

    A percentage of revenue from sales of the Munda Biddi app goes to the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation to help further the vision of the Foundation that maintains & promotes the Trail and supports the Munda Biddi community*