Is your Business Biddi Friendly?

The Munda Biddi Trail community is increasing day by day, with an estimated 25,000 individuals riding the trail each year, including day riders, multi-day riders, and end-to-enders. If you run a company along the route or in town, it makes commercial sense to promote, support, and engage with trail users. Being bike-friendly and ready can help you stand out to Munda Biddi Trail riders.

Here are some introductory tips to being 'Biddi-Friendly'

  • Join the Foundation as a Biddi-Friendly Business ( Affiliated member ) to help the Trail community and simultaneously promote your business.
  • Be kind and provide passengers a discount on your goods or services for selecting you.
  • Provide a spot to stand, store, or park bikes temporarily.
  • Offer a garden hose or a place to clean your bikes.
  • Access to facilities, such as restrooms, a changing area, and water bottle refill stations.
  • A large table where riders may view their plans and maps.
  • Make a list of "cycling destinations" in your area; local expertise is invaluable!
  • Advertise and/or stock our applications and trail maps. We also have trail maps for your local area in stock; send us an email with your request.
  • Give basic tools for repairs.
GET ON BOARD WITH THE APP: We are working hard here at the Foundation to attract more businesses to support our riders out on the Trail. We are also working together with the Trail App to strengthen and promote these businesses directly to our riders.