The Munda Biddi - A Trail Like No Other

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Munda Biddi translates to 'path through the forest' in the indigenous Noongar language spoken in South West of Western Australia. The Trail is a 1,072km off-road adventure cycling trail, like no other, traversing WA's scenic Darling Range and southern forests through eucalypt bushland, granite outcrops and unique coastal landscapes. 

South-West WA is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot with unique endemic flora and fauna that is just incredible. There are few places in the world where a trail of this length could be built in a relatively undeveloped natural corridor. 

The window of cycling weather is generally good between late March to November in the south west of WA, although the summer in the northern jarrah forests can get extremely hot (over 40 degrees).  
The Trail has varied terrain (rail trail sections, single track and forest roads) suiting a range of riders from beginners to the more experienced, with many accessible points and road crossings that allow for easy drop offs, making your adventures more convenient. 

Learn about the local Aboriginal culture and the region’s rich heritage as you visit the diverse attractions of South-West WA. 

What type of Trail is this?

Munda Biddi is a unique off-road ‘adventure’ cycling and bike-packers trail, meaning you can mostly enjoy the scenery away from motorised vehicles and busy highways. Made up of natural surfaces, the northern section from Mundaring to Manjimup is distinctive red pea-gravel, whilst the southern to Albany has combination of loamy soils and fine-white sand. Choose a section that suits your level of fitness and riding ability. However, to really enjoy the Trail, some mountain biking or gravel biking experience is recommended. 

Who manages the Trail?

The Trail is managed in partnership between the Parks and Wildlife Service (DBCA) and the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, whose dedicated staff, board and volunteers assist with the maintenance, improvement and promotion of the trail. The Trail is a free adventure resource, to ensure it's maintained for future generations to enjoy, please consider 'give backing' volunteer your time, become a member of the Foundation or donate to the National Trust Natural Heritage Appeal.

Where can you stay along the way?

Depending how you choose to ride the trail there is a series of purpose-built shelters (12) on the Trail nestled in the forest between country towns, every 40-60km apart. The campshelters are given Noongar names and consist of a shelter with sleeping bunks, 2x water tanks, picnic tables, tent sites, a toilet and bike storage facilities. They are fire-pit free so you need pack fuel stoves and warm clothing. 

The Trail Community, knows best!

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