The New William Bay Realignment

In January 2020 it was announced that the popular William Bay - Greens Pool area near Denmark was going to get an upgrade to deal with the increased visitor numbers and modernise the roads in the area. 

As part of the upgrades, the Munda Biddi received a realignment that provided better riding between Greens Pool and Waterfall Beach that truly connects riders with this stunning piece of coastline.

With the new alignment opened in October 2021, I decided to take a trip down to Denmark to ride the new section to see what it was like. 


What's New?

Previously the trail reached the car park at Greens Pool and then headed east along Madfish Bay Road to Waterfall Beach. This was a compromised ride as the spectacular ocean views were hidden behind dunes and you were riding on a road that had visitor traffic to this popular spot. 



The new alignment sees you arrive at Greens Pool and head towards the path leading to Elephant Rocks where you can either stop and explore the area (there are bike stands at the main car park) or continue along the new single track running parallel to the coastline. 

The single track has been purpose built for the Munda Biddi and gives you a much better view of the coastline and has a couple of fantastic lookouts where you get to look down at the unique structures of Elephant Rocks. 



Continuing along, the single trail is fast and flowing as you feel a mile away from the tourist activity going on behind the dunes. With great views, the smell of the salty ocean in your face and not a care in the world, this adds another great element to the only day of coastal riding on the Munda Biddi.

My Verdict - If this is the direction that the Munda Biddi is heading then it's well on the way to being an even better riding experience. Targeting key areas and upgrading/improving the riding has been a priority and this one showcases an area that was previously a bit underwhelming given the potential of the area.

Thanks to Mark Pybus (Life of Py) for donating his time to write these exclusive blog articles for the Members Series. To find more of his brilliant writing, head over to his website.