Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket in the Bike BAG Dude Easter Raffle!

Your support of this raffle directly contributes to the sustainability of the MBTF and supports out RTF program and overall maintenance of the trail. 

The winner is...




Peter Hernaman!!!



Congratulations Peter!

You gave won a custom full bike packing set up worth over $1250 thanks to Bike Bag Dude - the king of custom bike packing bags.


BBD Custom Set Up ⬇️
▪️3 zip custom frame bag = RRP $375
▪️Bar Roll and Sling - Choose either 17cm (Gravel) or 22cm diameter (MTB) = RRP $300
▪️TT Garage or Tall Mini = RRP $140
▪️2 Chaff bags = RRP $160
▪️2 Great Forking Bags = RRP $240


If you would like your own set of BBD products, hit up the team at and get your bike set up and ready for your next Biddi adventure.