Thinking about joining as a member of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation? 

Read below to see the range of benefits your business will receive for supporting the MBTF.

Join the MBTF to promote your business on our website (5.6K visitors/month), social media (2.5-6K followers) and bi-monthly newsletter (2.5K members).

Benefits to your business 

Along with the usual membership benefits, you will receive:


  • One free tile advertisement in MBTF E-Newsletter - Every 2 months. circulated to 2.5K members (for new members only).
  • One free banner advertisement per year on MBTF website.
  • A listing in the MBTF Friendly Businesses page on our website (5.5K visitors /month) which includes a photo and link to your website.
  • Facebook/Instagram ‘like’ of your page + tag MBTF page in your social channels for ad-hoc relevant shares.
  • Up to 2 Facebook posts a year on MBTF FB page.
  • For more information on advertising, please contact


  • Receive member discounts at various accommodation and service providers.
  • Wholesale prices on MBTF merchandise for on-selling to your customers.
  • 15% off (RRP) 1 set of relevant section maps for use/display on premises.

Member Pack:

  • MBTF business member sticker for your shop front.
  • MBTF membership card
  • MBTF members only vinyl sticker

Economic impact of the Trail

  • Over 25,000 riders are on the trail every year.
  • Approximately $5.8 million spent by riders each year mostly in regional areas on accommodation, meals, fuel, trail supplies, laundry and attractions.
  • 44% of rides are overnighters. 
  • An average day trip rider spends from $70 to $180 as a result of their ride - riders on a 2-3 day trip average around $338, while those on an end-to-end spend more than $2,700.
  • An increasing number of tour operators are operating on the Trail and using local services.

How to join:

Becoming a member of the Foundation is simple.

Head to our membership page, fill out the form and complete the purchase.