I had a couple of mates that wanted to do it in 4 days over the Easter long weekend (they have proper jobs so only had a small window of time before they needed to be home for work).

I was keen to tag along and another mate of mine was kind enough to lend me his mountain bike and all the equipment so I could do it. After the first day they both pulled the pin so I was on my own (also I didn’t have anyone to come get me so didn’t have a choice LOL and felt pretty lucky to use my mates so didn’t want to throw away that opportunity as I’d been wanting to do the Munda biddi for a while).

First night was Lake Brockman (the weather was good so just slept on the ground), second night was in Nannup. It pretty much rained non stop that night so I went down to that auditorium/park area and slept on the stage which was under cover).

The third night was in Northcliffe and again was raining all night. I slept for about an hour in a gazebo on the main street but just wanted to get it over and done with at this point so pushed onto Albany which took about 20 hours.