Jarrahdale is a small historic town set in the jarrah forests of the Darling Range and is one of the State’s oldest settlements. With a population of a little over 1000 residents, the town has few facilities. It does, however, host a general store, cafe and some accommodation. The town marks the end of Section 1 and the beginning of Section 2, and is where Map 2 starts. The Trail South of Jarrahdale continues to be hilly. Dandalup hut, some 34km from Jarrahdale, boasts spectacular view over the Swan Coastal Plain, all the way to the coast. Before Stage 2 reaches it’s Southern terminus of Nanga, the Trail passes through Dwellinup.

Town History

By the mid 1870s Western Australia’s first Timber Town had a well-established mill and a settlement of around 50 houses, a store, school and library. Today Jarrahdale prides itself on its history and has a number of historic monuments throughout the town. To find out more about these the best place to start is the Old Post Office Museum. The town also hosts a series of walking trails that can either be done independently or with a guide.

Mineral exploration of the area identified Jarrahdale to be the most suitable site for a bauxite mine in the late 1950s. In 1963 Alcoa commenced mining and by the closure of the mine in 1988, over 160 million tonnes of ore had been mined. Langford Park, now a popular recreational spot on Nettleton Road, was the first mine pit back in 1963.


Local PO Kitchen

The Cottage on George Street

arrahdale Bed & Breakfast - (08) 9525 5043

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  • Jarrahdale is small with limited services, primarily a General Store and Tavern.