Manjimup, set in tall tree country with its majestic karri and jarrah trees, is the southern terminus of Stage 5. The town has a population of around 5,000 residents and is the regional centre for the Warren and Blackwood Valleys. It provides all the facilities you would expect from a town this size, including a small regional airport. Manjimup offers a number of tourist attractions including the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park, One Tree Bridge, the King Jarrah Tree and the Diamond Tree Lookout. There are a number of accommodation options as well as supermarkets, pubs, cafes and bike supplies stores. The Trail passes right by the Manjimup Visitor Centre, located in the centre of town in Manjin Park, which is a great place to get information.

Section 6 starts with a 43km ride from Manjimup to Quinninup. Much of this section is relatively easy and enjoyable.

Town History

From its early pioneering days in the mid 1800s, Manjimup has been shaped by the abundance of fresh water, rich soil and tall timber, which typify the area. It was declared a town in 1910 and whilst timber has historically been the main industry, the town has also produced tobacco, apples, truffles and spring water for export.

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