On the outskirts of the Perth Metro Area lie the Perth Hills and the town of Mundaring; the northern terminus of the Munda Biddi Trail. Here you can enjoy the region’s art, history and culture and visit the engineering feat that is the Mundaring Weir. Tourist attractions include Lake Leschenaultia and Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary. The Trail starts at the Mundaring Community Sculpture Park where sculptures are set among golden wattles, gum trees and wildflowers. The Mundaring Visitor Centre is nearby and, not only does it sell Munda Biddi Trail maps but is a great source of information on other cycling trails in the area.

Shortly after leaving the northern terminus, the Trail passes the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel and goes on to run parallel to the Helena River and water pipeline. After this the Trail begins to climb and gets increasingly rough and gravelly. Carinyah hut lies 42km down the Trail from Mundaring and is located near the old Carinyah settlement. The Trail goes on to pass over Albany Highway at Gleneagles and between Carinyah and Wungong huts (35km) is very hilly. Between Gleneagles and Jarrahdale is a popular day ride as it is easy to get dropped off on Albany Highway and picked up in Jarrahdale.

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