🚴‍♂️ WA Bike Month 🚴‍♂️

The MBTF hosted our WA Bike Month event down at Nanga Mill Campgrounds on Sunday. 18 super keen Munda Biddi beginners took part in the Alcoa 'Final Check' Maintenance Demonstration delivered by our Executive Officer, Oliver Laing. Afterwards, we split into two groups for a 15 and 30km ride along the Munda Biddi Trail to the Bidjar Ngoulin campsite.

The MBTF was pleased to host a new cohort of riders who are now equipped with the basic knowledge to check over and identify issues on their bikes and who also got to enjoy a ride on the Munda Biddi Trail.

We would like to thank the WA Department of Transport, Alcoa, WestCycle and of course our dedicated volunteers for making this event possible.