Name: Paul & Thirl Millachip

Date: 14th September, 2020

Duration: 29 Days

Direction: Mundaring to Albany

Favourite moment on the trail: Meeting other riders and sharing the experience

E2E Story:

The Munda Biddi was the first long, multiday adventure we did and it was a steep learning curve.  Much of our gear was in a trailer Paul towed.  While the trailer tracked very well behind the bike, the MB trail itself was too rough for a trailer and we ended up walking up most hills – even though Paul was very bike fit.  The Munda Biddi is, after all, a 1000+km trail through the wilderness, with stunning and varied scenery.  The trailer would have been fine on an extended trip on tarmac.  Our lesson was to travel as light as possible in future.

We broke up the journey by taking a rest day in each town and sampling local produce! On the trail it was a joy to meet so many fellow riders all with their own unique stories. 

Some of my most treasured memories of Paul are while we rode the Munda Biddi. We shared a unique adventure, worked together as a team and reached the end tired and elated.