ORDER PROCESS: (For international orders please email: admin@mundabiddi.org.au)


Once you have purchased your bags via our online shop, please allow 2 weeks for the bags to be manufactured and delivered. You will receive an email when they have left BBD. 

If you have ordered a Half-Frame bag you need to provide BBD with a cardboard template of your bike frame to ensure a perfect fit and also a photo of your bike side on. 

BBD recommends using cardboard for the template (example below) and shipping to his address (bottom of email). You can transfer the template shape to some paper and mail that but we like to send the cardboard to be completely sure.

Please write your name and bike model/make on the cardboard.

  • Mark on it where the seat stay meets the seat tube
  • Allow an inch for water bottle cages

If there is any questions you would like to ask about the template process, please email Kedan with your enquires using the email at the bottom of the page. 


Steps for Half-Frame bag order:

1) Purchase here for our discounted MBTF price

2) Send cardboard/paper template to BBD

3) Email photo of bike side on (like example) and let Kedan know your template is enroute

4) Wait 6-8 weeks!

5) Take a photo and tag us on social media!

Bike Bag Dude details:

19/48 Oakdale Road
Gateshead , NSW,2290

Email BBD the following: